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Innovation Detectives offers inquiry based STEM classes and workshops! Topics range from coding, engineering, music and even photography! Our goal is to provide the needed guidance for our participants to explore new technologies and walk out with a deeper love of learning! Fostering this curiosity for learning and exploring will be led by the instructor, inquiry curriculum, and the design process. Look for the class information to find out more specifics!

Here are some important logistics for classes. All classes offer the option to bring your own device (BYOD) so you can leave ready to continue the learning! If you choose that option just make sure to show up 15 minutes early make sure you are set up. If you aren't sure your device is appropriate for the class, feel free to email and check. However, something similar to a Chromebook would be appropriate for all class. All classes are capped at 8 students/adults to ensure everyone gets enough attention and support! When students take a course, parents have the option to stay with them or drop them off. Free parking on Saturdays is available behind the Epicentral building. During the week it will be street parking only.



Upcoming Events


Classes & Cost

Innovation Detectives offers multiple class options within topics. Students ages 6-10 can take a 1 hour class designed to cover the basics. The cost for this shorter class is $20 per student/class. We offer students ages 11-14 a 1.5 hour class that allows for deeper learning of the topic. The cost for this longer class is $30 per student/class.

We also offer 1 hour adult classes that cost $20. If you have children, they can attend a student class at the same time as you! This not only allows parents to keep up with their children, it is also great for anyone who is looking to learn more about technology! In addition, we offer private lessons that allows for customization in both topics and schedules! If interested in this option, please message us directly. 


Future Classes

Innovation Detectives currently offers classes for Summer 2018, however there will be more to come starting Fall 2018. Please fill out the following survey to give us more information on dates, times, topics, and suggestions  that are preferable to you and your student!


Meet your instructors!


Lindsey Schmidt 

Lindsey has been teaching middle school for 9 years in the Colorado Springs area. She graduated from Colorado State and studied biology with minors in education, physical science, chemistry, & leadership. She loves science and inspiring students to be curious about the sciences! Overall, it doesn't matter what she's teaching - just that she's motivating students to love learning! 


 Kipley Wright

Kipley has a Bachelor's degree in Art Therapy and a Master's degree in Art Education. She has been teaching art in middle school for nine years. While she has taught painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture and ceramics, she is passionate about teaching digital art! Digital photography, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator have been her focus for the last five years and she can't wait to share the magic it can create! 


Josie Smith

Josie has been in the education field for more than 12 years with most of her time being spent teaching middle school technology and math! She now teaches at UCCS, helping students become teachers. She believes in project based learning to help excite students so they can truly enjoy what they are learning!