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Explore our unforgettable experiences. Our classes are designed to inspire creativity and innovation. All programs used in classes are free to use at home so you can continue the fun after class! Scroll down to see the exciting topics we teach! 



Coding with HTML & CSS

Work with two languages (HTML & CSS) to design your own website! Learn more about the coding side of website design while working with text editors and coding syntax. By the end of the class you'll be able to insert images & text, change background colors, and even put a border around your image! 



App Design &


Learn how to create apps using Thunkable and then test them on a tablet! This blocks based program lets you work with both the design and functionality of the app. Test your app while you program to make sure a user will have everything they need!


Graphic Art

Work with a powerful graphics editor called GIMP to create stunning art! Learn tools that professional graphic artists use so you can create and manipulate images. Leave class with your creations and continue exploring at home!


Game design

Ever wanted to create your own game? Learn coding, graphics, sounds, and music. Get the chance to create with Pico-8, so bring your creativity and a desire to make your first game!