Q: Why choose Innovation Detectives?

A: Innovation Detectives was built on the idea that kids should be able to have fun while they learn. They should be able to play and tinker with their topic so they can truly enjoy the learning process! This also leads to students having more responsibility when it comes to their education! Innovation Detectives was created by classroom teachers who are passionate about motivating students to be excited to learn!  

Q: What about BYOD?

A: You can Bring Your Own Device to all classes! Something similar to a Chromebook would be appropriate. Please arrive 15 minutes early so we can make sure everything is set up! This option is great since it allows learners to continue the fun at home after the class! If you want to check that your device will be appropriate please message us!

Q: Class sizes?

A: All classes are capped at 8 in order to provide support and assistance to students. This makes for a comfortable learning environment for both the learners and teacher!


Q: Do you offer private lessons?

A: Yes! We do offer private, semi-private, and small group lessons. This option is great for all learners and can be customized to the goals of the learner. Please email for more information! 

Q: Can I take the same class more then once?

A: Absolutely! With the class topics taught, especially the 1.5 hour classes, it allows students to continue their learning from the previous class. There's always more to learn and tinker with, so if a student has already taken the class they will be free to dive deeper into the concepts and technology!

Q: Do you offer discounts for siblings?

A: At this time we do not offer discounts. However, once the fall classes are launched this option will be available!

Q: How flexible are the age ranges?

A: The age ranges for the classes are set. However, if you have a special case where you believe a certain class would be more appropriate for your child please send us a message. You know your child best and, whenever possible, we will do our best to honor your suggestions. 

Q: How does parking work?

A: When you get to the location please drive around to the back of the building. There is a small parking lot that is FREE to park in and there is also an entrance to the building for quick access. 

Q: Should I leave or stay with my child during the class?

A: The option is up to you. You will sign a release form, however we do encourage you to stay with your child if possible. It's a great opportunity to understand more about your child's learning. There will be room in the classroom for you to sit with your child, however if you prefer to stay close there are many fun coffee shops and stores within walking distance of the location! 


Q: Why is STEM education so important? Additionally, what about project and inquiry based learning?

A: Education in the areas of STEM topics allows students to have a better understanding of the world around them. It supports students in learning about processes involved in creation and production which can be applied to any situation in life! When you add in project based learning (learning multiple skills through projects) and inquiry based learning (challenging the student by promoting curiosity) the result is student driven, self motivated learning where the teacher becomes the facilitator. This allows students to be in charge of the direction of their learning and works perfectly with the STEM topics. Innovation Detectives uses these fundamental ideas when we created our classes for the goal of promoting a positive learning environment for all students!